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  • Losing the details as your mix approaches completion?
  • Appreciate a second set of ears on your mix project?
  • Traditional mixing costs too high for your project?


Some producers find that as a mix becomes more dense, it can get difficult to prevent instrument tracks from masking each other. Problems with equalisation and compression on tracks can cause a mix to become unfocused and lose balance. Additionally, poor gain staging or monitoring can cause a mix to sound dull, muddy or weak.  

Professional mixes often rely on a second set of ears to fine tune the track and ensure that it is at the best possible standard for the mastering stage. The costs associated with traditional mixing studios can make high quality mixes unaccessible for many.  


What does a well mixed track sound like?

Imagine hearing your mix, with every instrument cutting through at the correct level, with precise front-back, left-right and up-down separation:


- The drums and the bass work together to power the track  

- All parts have their place in the sound field and don’t fight for space.  

- Your track sounds natural, easy to listen to and uses the full frequency spectrum


How can I achieve this?

With solid experience in track production for both commercial release and broadcast, audio mixing by Beat Physics will transform your composition, bringing out the best in your piece.  

Using careful gain staging, coupled with subtle track processing, your track will come alive, sounding noticeably fuller and more dynamic.


Get your track mixed down to perfection:




NEXT STEPS: Once your payment has been successfully processed, a link will be sent to your email address where you may upload your mix. Problems receiving the email? Contact: services@beatphysics.com



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